an assortment of 24 hour comics


What the Who?

by skorpen on 21st Apr 2011, 8:49 PM

What is a 24 Hour Comic?

It's a 24 page comic completed in 24 hours, a challenge originally issued by Scott McCloud to Steve Bissette in 1990. Since then, 24 Hour Comics Day has become an annual event, observed by groups and individuals around the world.

The purist approach is to begin with absolutely nothing-- no characters, no outline, no storyboards-- and to then conceive, pencil and ink the whole story in the allotted time. Breaks are allowed, but the clock keeps ticking.

I try to do two 24 comics a year, one in spring and one on the official day in October, with a group of people if possible. It's a fun and liberating exercise, and not nearly as grueling as it sounds. Everyone should try it!

There's more about me at my homepage.