an assortment of 24 hour comics


Hercule Blinkey, Private Eye

the adventures of a runty hard-boiled three-eyed gumshoed brother Seamus

The Danger Club

weird little creatures having weird big adventures

Zigzag Runs Away

A plucky acrobat and his she-whale friend escape a sea-going circus

Abe Snowman

How abominable can one snowman be? Pretty abominable. Or at least incredibly irritating.

Roly Blankwater, Mercenary Butterfly

Intrigue, betrayal, doom, redemption, and an ostritch

Some Kinda Eastern Thing

Meet Cap'n Billy Buckstar XB-19, Robot-Spaceman-Pirate-Cowboy

The Four Humors

Careening through time and logic

The Crepusculars

At long last, meet the critters who gave this anthology its silly name

Blinkey II

the return of everyone's favorite snail-faced snooper


Mayhem, horror, romance, and some very obscure references

Bunnirah II

More monsters, more mayhem, and obscurer references

30 Day Challenge '14

30 characters in 30 days is the challenge in November. These happened over a long weekend.

Scurry Road

Apocalypse-Adjacent Adventure

A Different Scream

Mystery-solvin' ghost shark

Pheona's Apple

Inktober 2018 presents: A witch, an apple, an imp, etc.

Oktsana & Arachny

A foiled wedding and ensuing chaos for Inktober 2019

Grackle the Great

The world's greatest stapler runs away from the circus....but why???